Our Values

These values inform our approach to business and are at the heart of our corporate culture.

Stewardship: We have a strong commitment to future generations, investing in the stability of our businesses and nurturing of talent. This approach is rooted in the values and heritage of our founding partners.

Integrity: Our commitment to future generations informs how we behave. We are always mindful of our impact on other people and on the planet, and we approach our work with transparency, sincerity, respect and loyalty. How we do things matters as much as what we do.

Performance: We constantly pursue success and are committed to showing leadership by encouraging others and recognising superior performance, always challenging ourselves against relevant benchmarks.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs at heart, we believe in a culture of the possible, and emphasise leadership, partnership, initiative and loyalty. We are creative and strive to build successful, sustainable and transformative businesses. We do not fear failure.

Humanity: We recognise our humanity and pursue our activities with passion while being generous and respectful to others at all times. We are committed to sharing our energy, spirit, ethics and values.

Responsibility: We actively embrace responsible investment practices and behaviours as integral to everything we do. We view it as critical to create sustainable value, not only for today, but for future generations.

Perseverance: We do not stop until we deliver our best and meet every challenge. Always striving for improvement, we accept and learn from our mistakes.